This blog details the journey of my partner Nige and I as we strive to cure his stage IV lung cancer.

The blog name comes from a Dire Straits song “Romeo & Juliet” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOe7Ke1JuuY

I incorrectly used to think one of the lines was “All I do is kiss you, through the bars of Orion” when it is actually “All I do is kiss you, through the bars of a rhyme”. Personally I like my version, so romantic!

Nige has always felt a connection with the Orion constellation, and now I do too.’

You can read my first blog here:


I hope that along the way we touch you all in some kind of positive way.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Julia, my partner and I have been sitting together reading your blog. It’s moving and inspiring, and what comes across is your dedication and determination to beat this thing together. Our thoughts are with you all.


  2. You are inspiring Julia! Keep on pushing and making a difference! Nige is really lucky to have you at his side.
    I come back to your blog and read the last few entries every now and again and this time I read about the shaman with some fascination. What an interesting experience!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. It’s a privilege to keep up with your story.
    Rachel-West Coast


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