Viva Las Vegas

Hi everyone,

Well today it’s been two years since Nige and I tied the knot in Las Vegas, with Elvis crooning in the background. We were so privileged to have some very good friends (family) join us – Eugene, Ian, Holly, Jas and Jen (the last-minute surprise, eh Jen ;)) The live stream meant that friends and family all over the world could laugh and cry along with us, and laugh and cry we all did.

This morning I had the most amazing dream. I dreamt I was sitting in the lounge and people were over, including Nige’s mum and I can’t remember who else. Anyway, Nige was sitting there in one of the chairs. I knew he was dead, but he looked great, just as he did before he got sick. I kept looking over at him and thinking how incredible¬†it was that I was getting to spend this time with him even though he was dead. It made me so happy to see him looking so healthy, relaxed and happy. Whenever I looked over he would look back with those beautiful clear blue eyes, now free of pain and worldly worry.

I remember saying just three words to him ¬†– “I miss you”.

And I got just three words back – “I love you”.

Happy Anniversary Nige xxoo